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Would You Like To Learn The Fastest And Easiest
Way To Dazzle Your Audience, Vault Yourself To
The Next Playing Level, And Sound Way
Better On Guitar Than You Really Are?

How About 19 Ways?!!

THAT'S how many licks you'll learn when you let us play along with you
as we show you how easy it is to master some of the
most popular licks from your favorite songs ...

Dear Guitarist,

One of our favorite sayings about learning guitar is:

"It ain't easy, but it's simple."

Huh? Let us explain ...

We don't know about you, but we are always skeptical when someone tells us how EASY something is.

So we wouldn't dream of trying to tell you that learning guitar is easy.

But here's the thing ... when you learn a small handful of killer licks, all of a sudden you go from sounding like a guitar STUDENT to someone who looks and sounds like a lead guitar MASTER ... all because you took the time to learn just a few licks that, when properly broken down, become second nature and start just flying off your fingers as if they were playing themselves.

This 4-DVD package does just that for YOU. And just to make this a no-brainer for you I'm going to also give you full, complete access to our entire website library of guitar lessons for 90 days.

(I've also got two more juicy gifts for you on this page, so please keep reading ...)

Learning these licks is so crucial to your guitar playing, that's why I've devoted an entire 4-DVD package to it.
It's called ...

Guitar Licks Explosion DVD Series

Watch this short video now to get a sneak preview:

NOTE: This classic DVD set was first released in 2011. If you are a member of our Guitar
Coaching Club, please know you have already received this set, and that all future
new products will be released and delivered to you as digital downloads.

Why Should You Care About Learning
These Awesome Licks?

It starts with this one very simple truth:

If you're only playing guitar chords and you also don't have a good-sized collection of licks in your repertoire, it is going to be super-hard to hold the audience's attention. That's just a fact, sorry.

Hey, if it was that easy, then EVERYONE would have their own professional gig by now, right??

Here's the interesting thing we discovered about learning
guitar (and tell us if you can relate to this) ...

Many students STOP themselves from getting better because they'll watch a DVD and then find something else to do instead of practice what they just watched. Hey, it's human nature, We understand.

But we were determined to solve this dilemma. We don't want you to just WATCH our DVDs. We want you to LEARN from them and become the guitarist you were meant to be.

So here's "The Big Idea" that fixes all this ...

Because we can't sit next to everyone and make sure they practice what we have just shown them on video, we come up with the next best thing ... immediately after showing you the lick and then explaining some of the concepts about WHY this lick works so well, we literally will play along with you on the DVD by playing an accompanying jam track!

Do you see how cool that is? It's like us jamming with you!
You'll WANT to play the lick over and over again because we are playing rhythm right alongside you!!

We are rather proud of this instructional feature, and we KNOW it's going to help your playing, big-time.

Okay, let's tell you what's exactly in this package ...

Here is just some of what you get when you
order Guitar Licks Explosion DVD Series

  • Learn an entire DVD's worth of Texas Blues licks, taught with our Fender Strat with standard tuning, which means you won't have to monkey with your guitar settings one bit once you hit "Play" on the DVD.
  • Play some of the most killer blues licks from the likes of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Albert King and tons of other legends.
  • Master a complete collection of British blues rock licks from Cream, Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck and many more.
  • Take the mystery out of learning how to mix the major and minor pentatonic scales together. You'll laugh with nervous excitement when you see how simply I've broken this down for you.
  • Learn all of the best licks I've ever taught on YouTube. You don't have to hunt them down: I've done all the hard work and collected them all onto one DVD for you. These are all the type of funky, bluesy, and soul-drenched licks that will give your listeners' that "WOW" feeling.

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Here's What YOU Get Inside
Guitar Licks Explosion 4-DVD Series

DVD No. 1:
Texas Blues Guitar Licks

Learn and master some of the greatest licks of all time from legends such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert King and many others. We teach these licks with our trusted Fender Strat, and the great thing is that we use only standard tuning, which means you won't have to mess with your guitar settings one bit. "Plug and play" is our motto with these licks!

Also, we not only show you each lick in "paint-by-numbers" fashion, but we also take the time to explain some of the key concepts behind each lick.

Why is this important? It's because now you'll know where each scale is coming from, as well as why it works over certain chords. In other words, we give you just enough theory that's USEFUL. (After watching this, you'll understand why guitar theory is something easy and valuable, not something to be scared of!)

Then, after explaining these key concepts, I'll play right alongside with you on a backing track so that you won't lose your momentum and you can master your licks IMMEDIATELY. This is huge!

DVD No. 2:
British Blues Rock Licks

Discover why some of these licks from "across the pond" have stood the test of time and how they can revolutionize your playing. I'm talking about mastering some of the greatest licks from the likes of Cream, Led Zeppelin, Jeff Beck and many others.

How did we select them? Simple. We picked our favorites because we teach better when we love what we are teaching! Seriously, you'll love these, too, because they're absolute classics and work across a wide range of songs.

Again, as with the above DVD, we also show you the key concepts and then play right alongside you on a backing track. You'll learn everything you need to know and never lose the vibe!

DVD No. 3: (Bonus Disc only for you, our loyal subscriber)
Marty Schwartz's Favorite Secret Weapon Licks!

This is our "secret stash," a dive into our private treasure trove of personal favorites from our music career. What I've done here is collect our all-time "never-taught-before" licks that are UNIVERSAL and can be played in ANY genre of music you happen to rock out to!

You name it --- from gritty, back alley blues to hard driving rock ... from country jazz to fusion --- you'll find plenty of licks on this DVD to plug into whatever you're playing!

We hand-picked these because they always get the crowd to their feet and they're super-adaptable. Any ONE of them will make for an amazing addition to your playing.

DVD No. 4:
Super Bonus Guitar Licks - Best of YouTube

This was REALLY fun for us to put together, and we know how stoked you'll be to have the collection on this DVD, too.

Basically, these are ALL our favorite licks from the tons of YouTube videos we have posted over the years. If you've been following us for any time, then you know our taste runs a little ... how shall we put it ... bluesy, funky, tasty and full of soul, brotha!

This disc is more for intermediate and advanced players, but beginners will love this one, too, because it will give you something to shoot for and you'll have it nearby when you're ready for it (which shouldn't be too long when you use our other DVDs).

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