Get All 5 Of These Amazing Digital Courses For The Low Price Of Just One Before The Time Runs Out!

DIGITAL COURSE - Killer Clapton Guitar Licks & Tricks (22-Video Series)

This 22-video series teaches you all of Clapton's best licks, riffs, tricks and techniques --- all demystified and made simple. Decode Clapton's best stuff into simple language and step-by-step demonstrations that you could use to create the exact same sounds.

Retail value: $149.00

DIGITAL COURSE - Hendrix Revealed (26-Video Series)

In this 26-video series, we break down every essential Hendrix technique you'll need to play exactly in his style. We're talking FOUR HOURS of step-by-step tutorials, where you get to see close-up exactly how to duplicate these same sounds, move by move, finger by finger.

Retail value: $149.00

DIGITAL COURSE - Guitar Soloing Techniques (53-Video Series)

This is a complete lead guitar playing system that gives you a massive shortcut in learning how to play head-turning, jaw-dropping solos. This digital set of videos was converted directly from the original 4-DVD program and is a "plug-and-play" series of lessons for any aspiring soloist.

Retail value: $129.98

DIGITAL COURSE - Music Theory Survival Guide (30-Video Series)

This is the most practical, usable, hands-on and just plain FUN course that will serve as a crucial stepping stone in your guitar journey. Contains truly must-watch, "need-to-know" material!

Retail value: $239.96

DIGITAL COURSE - Awesome Jam Tracks Set (64-Audio Series)

Grab these 64 jam tracks, because you are going to have a blast uncovering all the Guitar Soloing Secrets using these amazing play along backing tracks. Because practicing with great-sounding, custom-recorded backing tracks like these makes it feel like you've got a full band behind you! You'll enjoy practicing more.

PLEASE NOTE: This bundle doesn't contain any physical DVD products. This means nothing is shipped to you. All the lessons are in digital download format, which means you can watch them immediately online or download them for viewing on your computer or device.

100%, No B.S. 365-Day Money Back Guarantee

Let us make this easy for you. Just dive in and soak up all the learning material in this package for 365 days. Put the methods to practice and watch your playing get to the next level all while having fun.

Your purchase is unconditionally guaranteed for 365 days. No questions asked. Period.

Thanks as always for letting me share in your guitar journey.

Keep playing!

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