Grab These 8 FREE BLUES
JAM TRACKS to Make Practicing Guitar Easier and More Fun ...

(Waaaay more fun!)

Why use these jam tracks? Because practicing with great-sounding, high quality backing tracks like these makes it feel like you've got a full band behind you!

Which makes practicing guitar soooo much more fun. You'll want to play more, which means you'll get better more quickly.

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Here are the tracks you’re receiving for FREE:
(Listen to quick samples!)

1) B Minor Blues Jam Track
2) Blues in C Blues Licks Jam Track
3) G Major Pentatonic Practice Jam Track
4) Happy Blues in A Jam Track
5) Slow Blues in A Minor Blues Licks Jam Track
6) Slow Blues in D Blues Licks Jam Track
7) Slow Blues in E Blues Licks Jam Track
8) Slow Blues in G Blues Licks Jam Track

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